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Applications are still being accepted for all OCPA members interested in any of the elected or appointed positions listed below.
Our outgoing board members have completed these videos with more information about each available position!  

The Application for Executive Board Positions is available at: http://cglink.me/2fv/s41915

For more information about open positions, view our Executive Board position descriptions. 

Updated Selection & Election Timeline:

Applications open until Friday, March 19
Voting Open on Tuesday, March 23
Voting Closes on Friday, April 2

roundtableView our recent Student Affairs Job Search Roundtable
Job Searching in the time of COVID

Panelists included: 
-Kelsey Ryan, Hazing Prevention Coordinator - Florida State University
-Jason Eckert, Executive Director, Career Services - University of Dayton
-Mitch Joseph-Kemplin, Director of Compliance and Safety - Mount Carmel College of Nursing
-Julie Humble-Courtney, Associate Director of Student Engagement for the Honors & Scholars Center, The Ohio State University
-Jivanto van Hemert, Director of COVID Case Management - Ohio University


OCPA's Mission

The Ohio College Personnel Association (OCPA) exists to advance student learning and development. In pursuit of this goal, the association facilitates the sharing and creation of knowledge and best practices for student affairs practitioners in the State of Ohio through professional development and networking opportunities. These opportunities enhance and produce collaborative partnerships among students, practitioners, faculty, and professional associations.

OCPA's Vision

OCPA envisions a diverse, active, connected, and energized network of higher education professionals. These professionals use their collective expertise and resources to anticipate and respond to the needs of college and university students and the institutions they attend in Ohio and the region.

OCPA's Core Values

In pursuit of its vision, OCPA is committed to:

Students: A holistic, comprehensive and empirically driven approach to student development and learning that considers students’ societal and contextual factors. 

Human diversity: An understanding of humanity that serves as a foundation for honoring, celebrating, and illuminating the rich diversity that exists in and between all of us.
Data-driven practice: The advancement and dissemination of knowledge which informs policies, practices, programs and scholarship for professionals within the higher education community of Ohio.
Member involvement and accountability: A collegial and democratic approach to organizational decision making, programs, and services that works to be accessible, transparent, and is held fiscally accountable to its membership. It is composed of an active membership of professionals in the work of supporting higher education students and institutions and volunteering with OCPA.
Inter-organization cooperation: The belief that collaboration with professional organizations and institutions committed to the success of college students enhances our ability to serve and develop our State-wide community of higher education professionals

Equity & Inclusion Statement

OCPA affirms the importance of equity, inclusion, and social justice in all aspects of the lives of our membership, both personally and professionally. OCPA recognizes it is our responsibility to promote these values, as they are central to the mission of advancing the Ohio higher education community. We strive to foster a stronger community of practice that appreciates and celebrates difference, and to ensure our membership, leadership, scholarship, and programming reflect these values. We encourage all of our members to consider their own responsibility in promoting equity, inclusion, and social justice on their campuses, in their lives, and within OCPA.  (Approved by OCPA Board, December 2020)

Association Bylaws

The most recent version (approved June 1, 2019) of the OCPA Bylaws can be found here.

The OCPA Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Strategic themes and overview            Strategic goals and progress