Election time is upon OCPA and we very much want your voice. We have a phenomenal set of candidates seeking office this year so we ask that you review their profiles and resumes carefully.
Elections will open on March 6, 2017 and remain open until March 17, 2017 at midnight. The Election Ballot can be accessed here

The official Executive Board announcement will be made to the OCPA community on Friday, March 31, 2017.

To prepare for your vote, please see the list of candidates below for each elected position. Each is hyperlinked to a PDF of their profile as well as their professional experience.

Position Candidate Name Candidate Resume Candidate Profile
President-Elect Thad Doyle Resume Profile
President-Elect Ardy Gonyer  Resume
President-Elect  Mitch Joseph  Resume
Position  Candidate Name Candidate Resume Candidate Profile 
Gradute Member-At-Large   Victoria Barnum Resume
Gradute Member-At-Large Leanne Barson  Resume
Gradute Member-At-Large Victor Javier Rodriguez  Resume