Past Presidents

OCPA Past Presidents

We value the service of our past leaders! Learn more about some of our Past Presidents by visiting their LinkedIn page, linked by clicking on their name. We strive to keep our records accurate, if information is missing or incorect, please contact our Webmaster. 

Year of Service Name Institution at time of Presidency
1976-1977 Fayetta Paulsen *  
1977-1978 Donald Schweingruber*  
1978-1979 Richard A. Bredemeier  
1979-1980 M. Douglas Reed, Ph.D.  
1980-1981 Mark G. Noffsinger*  
1981-1982 Kathryn O. Venema  
1982-1983 Eric V.A. Winston  
1983-1984 Dr. Stephen Markwood  
1984-1985 Susan J. Eklund-Leen Sinclair Community College
1986-1987 Roxanne DuVivier Hocking College
1987-1988 Robert Gatti Otterbein University
1988-1989 Joanne Risacher Wright State University
1989-1990 Meg Benke  
1990-1991 Walter Gilliard  
1991-1992 Becky Smith Otterbein University
1992-1993 Karen Hagans Ashland University
1993-1994 Carol Russell  
1994-1995 Leslie Haxby McNeil Miami University
1995-1996 Sue Heimann Ashland University
1996-1997 Luther Smith Xavier University
1997-1998 Robin Gagnow Ashland University
1998-1999 Sandra Emerick Cleveland State University
1999-2000 Barbara Harrison (Wasserman) Ohio University
2000-2001 Marty Manning  
2001-2002 Scott F. Smith Ohio Northern University
2002-2003 Cynthia Mako-Robinson University of Akron
2003-2004 John M. Berry  
2004-2005 Amy Lahmers The Ohio State University
2005-2006 Dwayne Todd Columbus College of Art and Design
2006-2007 Kathy Morris Wright State University
2007-2008 Tracy Benner Otterbein University
2008-2009 Michael Griest Urbana University
2009-2010 Kimberly Ferguson Kent State University
2010-2011 Vik Arunkumar Wright State University
2011-2012 Chris Mundell Columbus College of Art and Design
2012-2013 Jenny Hall-Jones Ohio University
2013-2014 Jennifer Grube Vestal Denison University
2014-2015 Karl Rishe Notre Dame College
2015-2016 Erin Nunn Case Western Reserve University
2016-2017 Bowen Marshall The Ohio State University
2017-2018 Rachel Tuttle The Ohio State University
2018-2019 Ardy Gonyer The University of Toledo
2019-2020 Colette Masterson Otterbein University