The Philip A. Tripp Distinguished Service Award is presented annually by OCPA to a student affairs professional in recognition of extended illustrious service to our field. The purpose of the award is to recognize seasoned members of the profession.

The selection criteria for the Philip A. Tripp Distinguished Service Award are as follows:

  • A minimum of fifteen (15) years of professional involvement in the field of student affairs.
  • Significant and outstanding contributions to the profession through administration, writing, teaching, research and service to professional organizations.


Past Recipients


 2019-20  Dr. Jason Pina, Ohio University
 2018-19  Dr. Mark Kretovics, Kent State University
 2017-18   Dr. Maureen Wilson, Bowling Green State University 
 2016-17  Not Awarded
 2015-16  Dr. John Messina, The University of Akron
 2014-15  Not Awarded
 2013-14  Dr. Peter Mather, Ohio University
 2012-13  John Berry, The Ohio State University - Newark & COTC
 2009-12  Not Awarded
 2008-09  Dan Abrahamowicz, Wright State University
 2007-08  Not Awarded
 2006-07  Chuck Rickard, Kent State University
 2005-06  Dr. Michael D. Coomes, Bowling Green State University
 2004-05  Not Awarded
 2003-04  Dr. Louise A. Douce, The Ohio State University
 2002-03  Dr. Nancy Scott, Kent State University
 2000-02  Not Awarded
 1999-00  Dr. Patrick Love, Kent State University
 1998-99  Dr. Robert Dubick, The University of Akron
 1995-98  Not Awarded 
 1994-95  Joanne Risascher, Wright State University
 1993-94  Susan Eklund-Leen, Antioch College
 1992-93  Robert Gatti, Otterbein University
 1992-93  Dr. Derrell Hart, Miami University
 1991-92  Sue Heimann, Ashland University
 1990-91  Dr. Robert E. Oleson, Heidelberg University
 1989-90  Joel Rudy, Ohio University
 1989-90  Dr. Robert Young, Kent State University
 1988-89  Steve Markwood, Marietta College
 1988-89  Audrey Rentz, Bowling Green State University
 1987-88  Dr. Donald Schweingruber, Bluffton College
 1986-87  Dr. Robert Etheridge, Miami University
 1986-87  Dr. Alexander "Lex" Smith
 1985-86  Dr. Robert Rodgers, The Ohio State University
 1984-85  Dr. Fayetta Paulsen, Bowling Green State University
 1983-84  Not Awarded
 1982-83  Dr. Mark Noffsinger, Baldwin Wallace College
 1981-82  Dr. Gerald L. Saddlemire, Bowling Green State University