OCPA Awards

Ohio College Personnel Association Awards 

Nominate for one of OCPA’s 2019 Winter Awards!

The OCPA Awards are an opportunity to recognize a new professional, mentor, colleague, or program. Please take the time to celebrate the amazing work individuals and organizations are doing across our institutions.

Step 1: Nominate!

Nomination is easy! Complete a short nomination online. Self-nominations are welcome. The deadline to submit a nomination is Friday, November 9, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. While nominations are open until November 9th, the sooner you submit your nomination the more time individuals have to complete the application process.

Nominations may be submitted for the following awards: 


Equity and Inclusion Award  •  Innovative Program Award  •  Mark G. Noffsinger New Professional Award  •  Fayetta M. Paulsen Accomplished Leader Award  •  Gerald L. Saddlemire Mentor Award  •  Philip A. Tripp Distinguished Service Award •  Outstanding Contribution to Literature or Research Award 

Do not wait – nominate today! Individuals and programs not nominated by November 9, 2018 cannot be considered for 2019 OCPA Winter Awards.

Step 2: Complete Application!

Everyone nominated by November 9, 2018 will receive an email from the OCPA Awards Committee with a link to complete the Awards Application. Awards applications are completed online and are due by Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 5:00pm. Each award has different application requirements but generally, individuals need to submit a resume or program evaluation, nomination letter, and letters of support. Outstanding Contribution to Literature or Research Award requires different nomination application materials – once a nomination for that award has been submitted, additional information will be sent to the nominee. Specific details for each award’s application materials are available on the OCPA website under Awards.

To learn more about each award or to begin the nomination process, click hereThere are a few different ways to complete this awards process: submit the nomination form, submit a nomination form with application materials, or after being nominated, receive an email from the OCPA Awards committee with a link to submit application materials.

Awards will be presented at the annual OCPA Annual Conference, January 24-25, 2019 in Worthington, Ohio. 

Interested in serving on the OCPA Awards Committee? We need assistance reviewing Winter Awards and all OCPA members are welcome. Email the OCPA Awards Chair to express interest in this leadership opportunity!

Questions? Contact Ali Martin Scoufield, OCPA Awards Chair at ali.scoufield@case.edu

The Fayetta M. Paulsen Accomplished Leader Award

The Fayetta M. Paulsen Accomplished Leader Award is presented by OCPA to a student affairs professional who has, through outstanding leadership, made significant contributions to the field and to the institution of which the professional is a part. The professional has achieved innovative responses in meeting the varied and emerging needs of today’s students.

The selection criteria for the Fayetta M. Paulsen Accomplished Leader Award are as follows:

  • Significant contributions to the field of student affairs and to the institution.
  • Evidence of serving as a role model to students and professionals.
  • Demonstrated leadership and innovation in the field by meeting students' needs.

Past Recipients 


 2017-18  Lacey Filkins, Kenyon College
 2016-17  Karen Hagans, Ashland University
 2015-16  Brandon Mikulski, The University of Akron
 2014-15  Dr. Roxanne DuVivier, Wright State University
 2013-14  Dr. Julie Ann Snyder, Bowling Green State University
 2008-13  Not Awarded
 2007-08  Dwayne Todd, Columbus College of Art & Design
 2006-07  Paul Putnam, Cleveland State University
 2003-05  Not Awarded
 2002-03  Robin Gagnow, Kent State University
 2001-02  Tracy Benner, Otterbein College
 1999-01  Not Awarded
 1998-99  Denise Reading, Baldwin Wallace University
 1994-98  Not Awarded
 1993-94  Dr. Fiona MacKinnon, Bowling Green State University



The Philip A. Tripp Distinguished Service Award

The Philip A. Tripp Distinguished Service Award is presented annually by OCPA to a student affairs professional in recognition of extended illustrious service to our field. The purpose of the award is to recognize seasoned members of the profession.

The selection criteria for the Philip A. Tripp Distinguished Service Award are as follows:

  • A minimum of fifteen (15) years of professional involvement in the field of student affairs.
  • Significant and outstanding contributions to the profession through administration, writing, teaching, research and service to professional organizations.


Past Recipients


 2017-18   Dr. Maureen Wilson, Bowling Green State University 
 2016-17  Not Awarded
 2015-16  Dr. John Messina, The University of Akron
 2014-15  Not Awarded
 2013-14  Dr. Peter Mather, Ohio University
 2012-13  John Berry, The Ohio State University - Newark & COTC
 2009-12  Not Awarded
 2008-09  Dan Abrahamowicz, Wright State University
 2007-08  Not Awarded
 2006-07  Chuck Rickard, Kent State University
 2005-06  Dr. Michael D. Coomes, Bowling Green State University
 2004-05  Not Awarded
 2003-04  Dr. Louise A. Douce, The Ohio State University
 2002-03  Dr. Nancy Scott, Kent State University
 2000-02  Not Awarded
 1999-00  Dr. Patrick Love, Kent State University
 1998-99  Dr. Robert Dubick, The University of Akron
 1995-98  Not Awarded 
 1994-95  Joanne, Risascher, Wright State University
 1993-94  Susan Eklund-Leen, Antioch College
 1992-93  Robert Gatti, Otterbein University
 1992-93  Dr. Derrell Hart, Miami University
 1991-92  Sue Heimann, Ashland University
 1990-91  Dr. Robert E. Oleson, Heidelberg University
 1989-90  Joel Rudy, Ohio University
 1989-90  Dr. Robert Young, Kent State University
 1988-89  Steve Markwood, Marietta College
 1988-89  Audrey Rentz, Bowling Green State University
 1987-88  Dr. Donald Schweingruber, Bluffton College
 1986-87  Dr. Robert Etheridge, Miami University
 1986-87  Dr. Alexander "Lex" Smith
 1985-86  Dr. Robert Rodgers, The Ohio State University
 1984-85  Dr. Fayetta Paulsen, Bowling Green State University
 1983-84  Not Awarded
 1982-83  Dr. Mark Noffsinger, Baldwin Wallace College
 1981-82  Dr. Gerald L. Saddlemire, Bowling Green State University


The Gerald L. Saddlemire Mentor Award

Gerald Saddlemire was an effective administrator, a true scholar, an educator, and a mentor who accepted each person as a unique individual, and believed that the ability and potential of those individuals was the profession’s greatest asset. This award is presented to the student personnel professional with a demonstrated history of mentorship who embodies and advances the true spirit and ideals of Dr. Gerald L. Saddlemire. 

The selection criteria for the Gerald L. Saddlemire Mentor Award are as follows:

  • Serves as a mentor and role model to graduate and/or undergraduate students and other student affairs professionals.
  • Known as a supportive and educational administrator.
  • Significant contributions to the ideals of the student affairs profession.

Past Recipients


 2017-18  John L. Frazier, The University of Mount Union
 2016-17  Dr. Jenny Hall-Jones, Ohio University
 2015-16  Not Awarded
 2014-15  Ryan Brechbill, Otterbein University
 2013-14  Not Awarded
 2012-13  Vicka Bell-Robinson, Miami University
 2011-12  Lisa Patterson Phillips, Otterbein University
 2010-11  Not Awarded
 2009-10  Karl Rishe, Case Western Reserve University
 2008-09  Verne Walker, Owens Community College
 2007-08  Kathy Morris, Wright State University
 2006-07  Jennifer Grube Vestal, Denison University
 2005-06  Kimberly M. Ferguson, Capital University
 2004-05  Dr. Edward Whipple, Bowling Green State University
 2003-04  Joyce Jadwin, Otterbein University
 2002-03  Eric L. Dicken, Case Western Reserve University
 2001-02  JoAnn Kroll, Bowling Green State University
 2000-01  Not Awarded
 1999-00  Dr. Oscar McKnight, Ashland University
 1998-99  Ralph Carapellotti, Baldwin Wallace University
 1996-98  Not Awarded
 1995-96  Sue Heimann, Ashland University
 1994-95  Frances Pearson, Ohio University
 1993-94  Jeanne Likins, JML Associates
 1992-93  Willie J. Young, The Ohio State University
 1991-92  Becky Smith, Otterbein University


The Mark G. Noffsinger New Professional Award

The Mark G. Noffsinger New Professional Award is presented annually at the OCPA conference to an individual with three years or less of full-time experience in the profession. This individual serves as a role model to students and professionals, demonstrates creativity and innovation in the field with the potential for continued success. 

The selection criteria for the Mark G. Noffsinger New Professional Award are as follows:

  • A maximum of three (3) years’ experience in the student affairs profession.
  • Serves as a role model to students and professionals.
  • Demonstrates creativity and innovation in the field with potential for continued success.

Past Recipients

 2017-18  Tiffany Seaman, Miami University
 2016-17  Not Awarded
 2015-16  Adan Hussain, The Ohio State University
 2014-15  Bowen Marshall, The Ohio State University
 2013-14  Luke Ahrens, Case Western Reserve University
 2012-13  Ardy Gonyer, Ohio University
 2011-12  Elizabeth Gordon, Miami University
 2009-11  Not Awarded
 2008-09  Jeff Akers, Otterbein College
 2007-08  Allison DeVelvis, Otterbein College
 2006-07  Kari Taylor, Miami University
 2005-06  Laura Wilmarth, Baldwin Wallace College
 2004-05  Abigail "Abby" Ghering, Denison University
 2003-04  Jason Bowser, Columbus College of Art & Design
 2002-03  Timeka Thomas Rashid, Otterbein College
 2001-02  Meghan Houghton, Baldwin Wallace College
 2000-01  Danielle Carter, Otterbein College
 1999-00  Rebecca Lynn Rio, Ashland University
 1998-99  Ruth Crane, Otterbein College
 1997-98  Not Awarded
 1996-97  Jamele Adams, Ashland University
 1995-96  Amy Arbino Orr, College of Mount Saint Joseph
 1994-95  Marty Manning, Youngstown State University
 1993-94  Michelle Vandersyden, Ashland University
 1992-93  Kimberly Blewett, Kent State University
 1991-92  Kathy Sandberg, Ashland University
 1990-91  Mary Hoying Brigham, Mt. Saint Joseph College
 1989-90  Brian Breitholtz, The University of Akron
 1988-89  Karen Carter, Ashland University
 1987-88  Nance Lucas, Ohio University
 1986-87  Theresa Popp Braun, Medical College of Ohio
 1985-86  Meg Benke, Ohio University
 1984-85  Joel Daniels, Findlay College
 1983-84  Kathyrn Venema, Heidelberg College
 1982-83  Not Awarded
 1981-82  Susan Eklund, Sinclair Community College


The OCPA President’s Discretionary Award

The President’s Discretionary Award is presented in honor of service. It is presented to an OCPA member who has contributed greatly to the growth of the organization over the past year. 

Past Recipients



 Jolene Broshious, The Ohio State University

 Dr. Nassar Razek, The University of Akron


 Dennis LoConti, Wittenberg University

 Erin Nunn, Kent State University

 Karen Hagans, Ashland University

 Dr. Dan Abrahamowicz, Wright State University

 Kathy Morris, Wright State University

 Simone Polk, Wright State University

2015-16  Dr. Sue Heimann, Ashland University

 Josh Bodnar, Ohio University

 Karl Rishe, Notre Dame College

2014-15   Dr. Michael Coomes, Bowling Green State University

 Rachel Tuttle, The Ohio State University

 Stephanie Volbrecht, The Ohio State University

 Mark Zeno, Heidelberg University

 Jennifer Grube Vestal, Denison University

 2013-14   Michael Griest, Wright State University

 John Borawski, Kent State University

 2009-13  Not Awarded


 Kate Lehman Porubcansky, Otterbein College

 Erica Lee, The Ohio State University

 2007-08  Not Awarded
 2006-07  Dr. Janice Gerda, Kent State University
 2005-06  Not Awarded
 2004-05  Tracy Benner, Otterbein University
 1999-2004  Not Awarded
 1998-99  Amy Orr, The Ohio State University-Mansfield
 1995-98  Not Awarded
 1994-95  Robin Gagnow, Ashland University
 1993-94  Susan Eklund-Leen, Antioch College
 1992-93  Jamie Mathews-Mead, Franklin University
 1991-92  Not Awarded
 1990-91  Joel Rudy, Ohio University
 1989-90  Becky Smith, Otterbein University
 1988-89  Joanne Risacher, Wright State University
 1987-88  Robert Gatti, Otterbein University
 1986-87  Not Awarded
 1985-86  Jack Fahey, Youngstown State University
 1984-85  Scott Howard, Ohio University-Ironton
 1983-84  Dr. Walter Gilliard, The University of Dayton


The Innovative Program Award

The Innovative Program Award is presented annually by OCPA to a student affairs professional who has initiated a new program or unique approach to a college policy, program, or problem. Through this award, OCPA recognizes innovative and effective approaches directed towards meeting the changing needs of students on the campus and the applicability of these approaches to other campuses. 

The selection criteria for the Innovative Program Award are as follows:

  • Addresses a challenging situation and/or specific campus concern or need.
  • Provides an explanation of how the program or policy addressed the identified concern or need.
  • Provides a description of how the policy or program could be implemented on other campuses.

Past Recipients


 2017-18  Weaver Wednesday, Kenyon College
 2016-17  The Productivity Circle, Denison University
 2015-16  Wellness Coaching, The Ohio State University
 2014-15  Urbana University Student Conduct Process, Urbana University
 2013-14  Open Doors Program, The Ohio State University  
 2012-13  Not Awarded
 2011-12  The Women's Circle at The Ohio State University
 2008-11  Not Awarded
 2007-08  Extreme Makeover, Ashland University
 2006-07  Not Awarded
 2005-06  FOCUS Center, Cleveland State University
 2004-05  "Imagine 2004" Conference, Kent State University
 2003-04  The New Diversity Initiative, Baldwin Wallace University
 2002-03  First Year Challenge, Cleveland State University
 2001-02  Greek Leadership Conference, Capital University
 2000-01  Greek Value Society, Miami University
 1999-00  Talkin’ in the Halls, Ashland University
 1998-99  Welcome to CSU Week, Cleveland State University 
 1997-98  Not Awarded
 1996-97  Residence Life Assistants, Ashland University

 Problems in Contemporary Communities:

A New Approach to Linking Services with the Western Curriculum, Scott Markland

 1994-95  University SEEDS Program, Kent State University
 1993-94  Building a Community of Respect, Ashland University
 1992-93  Student Ambassador Program, Columbus State University
 1991-92  S.U.C.C.E.S.S., Students Utilizing Co-Curricular Experiences to Sharpen Skills, Ashland University
 1990-91  S.P.R.O.U.T., Single Parents Reaching Out for Unassisted Tomorrow’s, Baldwin Wallace College
 1989-90  Student Affairs Intern Program, Ashland University
 1988-99  OU-START, Ohio University
 1987-88  Area Residence Life Conference
 1986-87  The Wellness Book of Records, Ohio University
 1985-86  Peter Rea, Baldwin-Wallace College
 1984-85  Wellness Center, Bowling Green State University
 1983-84  Maximizing Residence Hall Space, Ashland University
 1982-83  Not Awarded
1981-82 Steve Miller, Hocking Technical College


The Equity & Inclusion Award

The Equity and Inclusion Award is presented to an individual, campus/community program or service who or which has demonstrated creativity, innovation, and success in making a significant contribution and impact in the area of multicultural understanding and appreciation. The purpose of this award is to encourage and recognize outstanding efforts addressing cultural diversity issues in higher education. 

The selection criteria for the Equity and Inclusion Award are as follows:

  • Addresses a specific campus, community or organizational equity and inclusion need or issue.
  • Contributes to addressing student and/or campus equity and inclusion need(s) or issue(s).
  • Seeks to promote understanding and responsiveness to equity and inclusion issues.
  • Encourages student, faculty, staff, alumni and/or community involvement.
  • Enhances the appreciation of equity and inclusion as a way of life on the college or university campus.
  • Sustains activities and programs that promote an atmosphere of inclusiveness for all students.

Past Recipients


 2017-18  Diversity 360, Case Western Reserve University
 2016-17  Adan Hussain, The Ohio State University
 2015-16  Preferred Name Policy, Ohio University
 2013-15  Not Awarded
 2012-13  Vorley Taylor, The Ohio State University - Newark & COTC
 2011-12  Dafina Lazarus Stewart, Bowling Green State University
 2007-11  Not Awarded
 2006-07  President Jack Calareso and the President's Task Force on Multiculturalism, Ohio Dominican University
 2005-06  Not Awarded
 2004-05  Racial Awareness Program (RAPP), University of Cincinnati
 2003-04  The Tunnel of Oppression, Wright State University
 2002-03  Not Awarded
 2001-02  MLK, Jr. Day of Learning, Capitol University
 2000-01  Not Awarded
 1999-00  Friendly Town, Ashland University
 1998-99  Not Awarded
 1997-98  Intro to Student Affairs, Kent State University
 1996-97  Dr. Rebecca Parker, The Ohio State University
 1995-96  Indianola After School Project, Otterbein University


Robert F. Rodgers Graduate Student of the Year

This award is presented annually by OCPA. As graduate students become more actively involved in creating the future direction of Student Affairs, OCPA has committed to recognizing their professional achievements. OCPA presents The Graduate Student of the Year Award in recognition of the dedication and unlimited energies of a full-time Ohio graduate student, masters or doctoral candidate, in the field of student affairs, college/student personnel or a related field.

Past Recipients



2017-18  Victor Javier Rodriguez, The Ohio State University
2016-17  Hannah Bonacci, The Ohio State University
2015-16  Hoa Bui, Miami University
2014-15  Adan Hussain, The Ohio State University
2013-14  Elizabeth Walsh, Miami University
2012-13  Meg Gulick, The Ohio State University
2011-12  Jennifer Skidmore, The Ohio State University
2009-11  Not Awarded
2008-09  Evan Heiser, Kent State University
2007-08  Amie Jackson, Kent State University
2006-07  Lauren Moran, Bowling Green State University and Baldwin Wallace University
2005-06  Rose Ackerman, Bowling Green State University
2004-05  Mary Ann Begley, Bowling Green State University
2003-04  Jennifer Gilbride-Brown, The Ohio State University
2002-03  Janice Gerda, Bowling Green State University
2001-02  Kelly Pero, Ashland University
2000-01  Leighann Poplaski, The Ohio State University
1999-00  Sarah Balas, Bowling Green State University and Ashland University
1998-99  Christopher Bragdon, Baldwin Wallace University
1997-98  Not Awarded
1996-97  Dawn Gorski, The University of Akron
1995-96  Paula Eckard, Ashland University
1994-95  Brian Bruess, Ohio University
1993-94  Alison Black, Ohio University
1992-93  David Riveness, Bowling Green State University
1991-92  Laura E. Giles, The Ohio State University
1990-91  Carol L. Garbarino, Bowling Green State University


The Undergraduate Student Leader Award

The Undergraduate Student Leader Award is presented annually by OCPA. This award is presented to an undergraduate student leader who is enrolled in an Ohio higher education institution and has demonstrated leadership, contributed to student affairs on campus, and has a desire to begin a professional career in Student Affairs.

Past Recipients


2017-18  Meera White, Kenyon College
2016-17  Leroy Ricksy Jr., The Ohio State University
2015-16  Taylor Cayot, Urbana University
2014-15  Courtney De Schepper, Baldwin Wallace University
2013-14  Haley Young, Otterbein University
2012-13  Sarah Graf, The Ohio State University
2011-12  Amelia Shaw, Ohio University
2009-11  Not Awarded
2008-09  Paul Wojdacz, Baldwin Wallace University
2007-08  Molly Ward, Capital University
2006-07  Kourtney Kocel, Otterbein University
2005-06  Kyle Williams, Otterbein University
2004-05  Colette Masterson, Otterbein University
2003-04  Kelly Naples, Baldwin Wallace University
2002-03  Missy Mordarski, Baldwin Wallace University
2001-02  Sarah Whinnery, Kent State University
2000-01  Jose Medina, Ashland University
1999-00  Libby Koerner, Ashland University

 Marci Stead, The University of Akron

 Shon Christy, The University of Akron

1996-97  Not Awarded
1995-96  Gregory Gilmore, Miami University

 Kari Johnson, Mt. Saint Joseph College

 Stephen Bigley, Kent State University

1993-94  Donald Giancola, Baldwin Wallace University


Dr. Robert A. Dubick Case Study Competition

Each year OCPA sponsors a case study competition for graduate students. The current case study competition is structured to allow two-person teams to respond to a common scenario, prepare a presentation of how the situation could be addressed, and present the response to a panel of judges during the annual conference. Winners are announced at the annual conference awards ceremony. The process is coordinated by the OCPA Graduate Student Member-at-Large. 

Past Recipients 


 2017-18  Kirby Bell, Kent State University & Courtney Harris, Bowling Green State University
 2016-17  Taylor Ridenour & Katie McGrath, Wright State University
 2015-16  Kate Bumhoffer & Lindsey Steller, Wright State University
 2014-15  Not Awarded
 2013-14  Amy Corron & Kevin Friedman, Miami University
 2012-13  Sarah Hyde & Jejuana Brown, Cleveland State University
 2007-12  Not Awarded 
 2006-07  Amie Jackson & Christina Mastrangelo, Kent State University 
 2005-06  Leslie Hahn, Miami University & Regan Ellis, Florida State University
 2004-05  LeAnn Starlin & Brittney Black, Kent State University
 2003-04  Betsy Bishop & Amanda Gage, Bowling Green State University
 2002-03  Not Awarded
 2001-02  Jodi Gill & Miriam Williams with assistance from Conni Dubick, Kent State University
 2000-01  Arlene Hill & Scott Christopherson, Bowling Green Sate University
 1999-00  Kim Simon & Ryan Poirier, The Ohio State University
 1998-99  Not Awarded


The Outstanding Contribution to Literature or Research Award

The Outstanding Contribution to Literature or Research Award is presented annually by OCPA to encourage original, rigorous, and well-respected research manuscripts, evaluations of promising best practices endeavors, and theory grounded assessment reports of innovative initiatives. The ultimate goal is disseminating knowledge about programs and research studies that are making a difference in student affairs practice through research manuscripts, assessment manuscripts of best practices, position manuscripts on current topics in higher education, or graduate student research manuscripts. As the award is also intended to encourage original work, the manuscript need not be complete to be considered for the award.

The successful Outstanding Contribution to Literature or Research Award nominee will be announced at the OCPA Annual Conference in January. To formally present the award, OCPA will require the nominee to submit the complete manuscript to be considered for publication in the Journal of Research, Assessment, and Practice in Higher Education by June 30th (email awards@myocpa.org with questions about meeting this timeline). Upon successful submission, the nominee will be formally named a recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Literature or Research Award and may collect the $500 monetary prize included with the award.

The selection criteria for the Outstanding Contribution to Literature or Research Award are as follows:

  • Current graduate student, masters or doctoral candidate, or practitioner, in the field of student affairs, college/student personnel or a related field.
  • Proposed manuscript will disseminate knowledge about programs and research studies that are making a difference in student affairs practice, especially those that would engage the readers in practical and methodological extensions that would transform institutions, inspire colleagues, and engage campus beyond the traditional boundaries of the student affairs profession.

Past Recipients 

2016-18  Not Awarded
2015-16  Laura Gentner, University of Dayton


GSAC wpatternandGREEN

November 17, 2018
Kent State University
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
For Graduate Students, By Graduate Students 

The Graduate Student Affairs Conference (GSAC) is a day-long conference put on by graduate students, for graduate students that strives to increase networking between rising student affairs professionals while encouraging the exploration of a variety of functional areas. The conference will also provide graduate students the opportunity to propose presentation topics and gain experience facilitating in a conference setting.

The cost for attending GSAC is broken down below:

$25 Current graduate student members of OCPA attending an institution in the state of Ohio
$25 Out-of-state graduate students
$40 Non-members of OCPA attending an institution in the state of Ohio

Conference Schedule



1 hour

Opening Note


30 minutes  

Breakout Session #1


40 minutes

Breakout Session #2


40 minutes



45 minutes



30 minutes

Functional Area Roundtables


1 hour

Breakout Session #3


40 minutes  

Roundtable Discussion


1 hour



20 minutes

Keynote Speaker
Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels Headshot

Michael Daniels currently serves as the Assistant Director for the Student Multicultural Center at Kent State University. Michael began his career at Kent State University as the Program Coordinator in August 2015. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from John Carroll University in 2012 and his Master of Arts degree in Student Affairs Administration from Michigan State University in 2015. Michael is currently enrolled fulltime as a 2nd year PhD student in the Higher Education Administration program at Kent State University.

In addition to serving as the Assistant Director of the SMC, Michael also served as an adjunct faculty member in the School of Communication Studies at Kent State University. In 2016, Michael was awarded advisor of the year for his role as the advisor of the Male Empowerment Network. Michael is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and currently serves as the undergraduate advisor for the Gamma Tau Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Beyond his experience in higher education, Michael proudly serves his community through mentoring and youth development programs such as Youth for Christ and the Upward Bound Mentoring Program. Michael’s passion is connecting with young people and assisting them in realizing their dreams while supporting them to become their best selves.

View the Kent Visitor's Guide here.

Have questions? Contact Alexis Mynio at amynio@kent.edu



PDI Logo

OCPA is committed to providing professional development opportunities for higher education professionals across Ohio. The Professional Development Institutes are a series of workshops sponsored by OCPA designed to provide professional development opportunities throughout the year for members of OCPA.

Upcoming Professional Development Institutes

OCPA Summer Book Club
 Registration Deadline: May 27th Location: Online via Zoom
 Cost : $5

Looking to kick off your summer with a little equity and inclusion-focused professional development? Then join OCPA for our summer VIRTUAL book club!

This summer we will be reading Why Aren't We There Yet?: Taking Personal Responsibility for Creating an Inclusive Campus, a collection of seven essays edited by Jan Arminio, Vasti Torres, and Raechele L. Pope. The contributors to this book seek to offer new insights to improve student affairs, emphasizing action that recognizes this is a complex and multi-faceted process, and beginning with the assertion that, without recognizing the influences of privilege and inequality, we educators cannot promote truly welcoming environments.

We will meet via Zoom to discuss the book and how we can apply what we have learned in our everyday work with students. If you can't make all the meetings, we would love to have your participation anyway.

Registration is $5/person and remains open until May 27th. The first 5 registrants will receive a FREE copy of the book from OCPA! The virtual meeting dates are:

  • Friday, May 31, Noon-1:30pm
  • Friday, June 14, Noon-1:30pm
  • Friday, June 28, Noon-1:30pm
  • Friday, July 12, Noon-1:30pm

Questions? Contact Anna Wagner, OCPA Equity & Inclusion Chair (wagner.1476@osu.edu) or Lacey Filkins, OCPA Professional Development Chair (filkinsl@kenyon.edu)

Serving Under-resourced Students through Basic Needs Programs; A drive in Detworking and Resouce Sharing Event
When: TBD Location: TBD
Cost: TBD
National data would indicate the rates of food insecurity on college campuses range from 36%-42% and 36%-46% of students are housing insecure or homeless.  Basic needs are becoming a staple service on college campuses, from food pantries to emergency grants and others services in between. Join us for an afternoon opportunity to meet with others doing basic needs work in Ohio; or if you are considering adding these services to your campus, come and hear what others have already started.  Roundtable discussions and presentations will cover food pantries, meal swipe programs, emergency grants, case management, and SNAP. 
Questions? Contact Kathy Fahl, Assistant Dean of Students at Ohio University (kathy@ohio.edu) or Lacey Filkins, OCPA Professional Development Chair (filkinsl@Kenyon.edu)


Questions? Please contact Lacey Filkins, OCPA Professional Development Institutes Chair.

OCPA 19 Logo

Ohio's Conference for Student Affairs
Thursday, January 24 - Friday, January 25, 2019
Worthington, OH
Double Tree Hotel & Conference Center

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We look forward to seeing our members at the Annual Conference at the Doubletree Hotel in Worthington in January! Want to join the discussion and network with your colleagues during the conference? Use the hashtag #OCPAConnects!

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 Standard Registration  Nov. 3rd - Dec. 7th
 Late Registration  Dec. 8th - Jan 23rd
 In Person Registration Jan. 24th - Jan 25th

OCPA Member Registration

Current OCPA Members should register for the conference by logging into the OCPA Member Portal. Members will find a link to the Member Registration Page on the landing of their Member Portal. *Please note: OCPA Member Prices are only available through the Member Registration Page.*

Current OCPA Members are eligible for Early Bird Pricing from October 22nd through November 2nd.

 OCPA Member Early Bird Registration Fees 
 Professional  $140.00
 Graduate Student  $70.00
 Undergraduate Student $70.00


 OCPA Member Standard Registration Fees 
 Professional  $160.00
 Graduate Student  $85.00
 Undergraduate Student $85.00

Non-Member Registration

Non-Members can register by using the Public Registration Page. OCPA Encourages all Non-Members to consider joining OCPA prior to registering for the conference in order to access reduced registration costs.

Non-Member Registration Fees 
 Professional  $210.00
 Graduate Student  $100.00
 Undergraduate Student $100.00

Group Registrations

Group registrations are available through either portal, however, OCPA Member Ticket Prices are only available through the Member Registration Page inside the OCPA Member Portal

Late Fees

A $25 late fee will be cahrged to any person that registers for the Annual Conference after Friday, December 7, 2018.

**An additional $25 late fee will be charged to any person that registers for the Annual Conference on site on either Thursday, January 24th, or Friday, January 25th.**

Please note - no refunds are available for conference registrations. The only exception to this is in the event of a Level Three Snow Emergency that requires the cancellation of the annual conference.

For questions about Registration for the OCPA Annual Conference, please contact the OCPA Registration Co-Chair, Dennis LoConti.

Hotel Reservations

Hotel Reservations at the conference rate of $104/night can be made with the Doubletree Hotel by using this Hotel Reservation Link. Rooms are the conference rate are available until January 1, 2019.

Program Sessions

The Call for Programs for the OCPA Annual Conference is open! To submit a program proposal please complete the OCPA Conference Proposal Form. The deadline to submit program proposals is Friday, November 2nd.

If you have questions about program proposals, please contact our Educational Sessions Committee Chair, Robin Schreck.

Themed Pathways

Many of our programs will be assigned to our Themed Pathways. For more information about the Equity & Inclusion and the Mid Level Managers Pathways, please contact:

Equity and Inclusion Pathway: Kirby Bell

Mid Level Managers Pathway: Allison Riggle

Silent Auction Donations

The Silent Auction is your opportunity to give back. All money raised by the Silent Auction is donated as scholarships to undergraduate and gradaute students intersted in our field! If you have items that could showcase your campus or greater community such as tickets to an event, a piece of artwork, books, or a gift basket, please consider making a donation to the Silent Auction.

If you are able to make a donation, please contact Robin Gagnow for inquiries and next steps, or simply bring your item to the conference. Thank you in advance for helping award scholarships for our undergraduate and graduate students interseted in Higher Education.

Call for Volunteers

We are in need of volunteers to the 2019 OCPA Annual Conference. Volunteers are needed to staff the registration table, career resource room, and the silent auction. If you are intersted and willing, be sure to indicate that you would like to volunteer on your conference registration. For more information about volunteering at the Annual Conference, contact Michelle Daymon.

Conference Schedule

OCPA Annual Conference Schedule  
 Wednesday, January 23, 2019 
 7:00 PM Conference Planning Team Meeting
  Thursday, January 24, 2019
 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM  Registration/Vendor/Silent Auction Open
 8:00 AM - 8:40 AM  Light Breakfast Available
 8:40 AM - 9:10 AM  Welcome/Opening
 9:10 AM - 9:30 AM  New Attendees Coffee Connections Social
 9:10 AM - 9:30 AM  OCPA Winter Break Book Club Meet-up
 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM  Headshots at the Vendor Terrace
 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM  Program Session 1 (9 Sessions)
 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM  Inter-University Council SSAO Meeting
 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM  Small Private College/University SSAO Meeting
 10:40 AM - 11:40 AM  Program Session 2 (9 Sessions)
 11:50 AM - 12:50 PM  Program Session 3 (9 Sessions)
 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM  Lunch & Keynote Speaker, John Frazier
 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM  Mock Interviews
 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM  Career Resource Room Open (Resume Reviews)
 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM  Robert A. Dubick Case Study Competition
 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM  Program Session 4 (Open time for Networking)
 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM  OCPA Strategic Plan and Updates
 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM  All SSAO & Faculty Roundtable
 3:40 PM - 4:40 PM  All SSAO & Faculty Social
 3:40 PM - 4:40 PM  Program Session Five (9 Sessions)
 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM  Dinner On Your Own
 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  OCPA Social at Igloo Letterpress - 661 High Street #B, Worthington
 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM  Cocktail Social at The Whitney House - 666 High Street, Worthington
Friday, January 25, 2019
 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM  Registration/Vendor Area/Silent Auction Open
 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM  Light Breakfast
 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM  New Attendees Coffee Connections Social
 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM  Program Session Six (9 Sessions)
 9:30 AM  Career Resource Room Open
 9:30 AM  Mock Interviews
 9:40 AM - 10:40 AM  Program Session Seven (9 Sessions)
 10:50 AM - 11:50 AM  Program Session Eight (9 Sessions)
 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM  Program Session Nine (9 Sessions)
 1:00 PM  Silent Auction Closes/ Vendor Area Closes
 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM  Closing Lunch/ Presentation of Awards/ Presidential Address
2:45 PM - 4:00 PM  OCPA Executive Board Meeting

Contact Us

Questions can be directed to Mark Zeno, Annual Conference Chair, or Julie Humbel-Courtney, Assistant Annual Conference Chair.

2018 Careers in Student Affairs Conference 

Careers in SA 2017

Sunday, October 21, 2018
Walsh University
Barrette Center
2020 East Maple Street
North Canton, Ohio 44720
8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Careers in Student Affairs conference is designed for undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate students interested in pursuing graduate studies and careers in Student Affairs.

The Careers in Student Affairs Conference Offers Opportunities to:

  • Participate in a Graduate School Fair where you will learn about program options and requirements
  • Network with Student Affairs practitioners
  • Get motivated to seek a career in Student Affairs
  • Meet peers interested in Student Affairs and begin to build relationships
  • Discover career tracks in Student Affairs

Schedule at a Glance

Location: Walsh University, Barrette Center

8:15 AM - 9:00 AM Registration & Breakfast 
9:00 AM - 9:40 AM Conference Opening
9:55 AM - 10:40 AM Program Session I
10:50 AM - 11:35 AM  Program Session II
10:50 AM - 11:35 AM OCPA Board Meeting
11:45 AM - 1:10 PM Lunch & Keynote Address
1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Graduate School Fair
2:20 PM - 3:05 PM Program Session III
3:15 PM - 4:00 PM Program Session IV

Call for Programs - Open Now!

If you are interested in submitting a program proposal please complete the Program Proposal Form.

The Call for Programs will be open until Sunday, September 16th.

Campus Map

Conference Information & Forms

Registration for the OCPA Careers in Student Affairs Conference is $30 for all attendees.

Conference Registration for Current OCPA Members and those who wish to join OCPA:

If you are a current member of OCPA, please login to the Constituent Portal and register for the conference through your account.

If you are not a member of OCPA and would like to join, please visit our OCPA Member Registration Form to complete your membership and then register through the Constituent Portal.

Conference Registration for Non-OCPA Members who do not wish to Register with OCPA:

If you wish to attend the conference without becoming a member of OCPA, please complete the Open Registration Form.

Conference Registration Deadline EXTENDED: Thursday, October 11, 2018

For more information, contact the Conference Co-Chairs:

Henrique Alvim – halvim@walsh.edu

Jennifer Vrobel - jvrobel@capital.edu