Election Candidates

Voting for the 2019-20 OCPA Executive Board will open from March 5th until March 15th. Members can login to their Member Portal to complete the election ballot. Below are the resumes for the nominees for each elected position. Members are encouraged to review all candidates prior to voting.


Nominee Name Nominee Institution Nominee Resume Nominee Answers
Nominees for President-Elect
 Lacey Filkins  Kenyon College  Resume  Answers
 Mark Zeno  Heidelberg University  Resume  Answers
Secretary & Membership Chair
 Dave Vale  Case Western Reserve University  Resume  Answers
 Christopher Wood  Denison University  Resume  Answers
Nominees for Graduate Student Member-at-Large
 Brianna Agner  Ohio University  Resume  Answers
 Vanessa Bak  Ohio University  Resume  Answers
 Zach Hooten  The Ohio State University  Resume  Answers
 Renee Murry  The University of Akron  Resume  Answers
 Hunter Taylor  The Ohio State University  Resume  Answers